As you read these words, there are an estimated 146 million children in the world who are without a family. Some of these have lost parents as a result of war or disease, others were abandoned due to poverty, and still others were tossed aside because they were born with a physical or cognitive disability. Many of these little ones are lacking basic physical needs such as food, clean drinking water, or medical care. And all of them desperately need a home.

It is easy to see these children as a number...a remote statistic, but they are so much more. Each child has been created in the image of God and has his or her own unique personality and fingerprint. Each child has hopes, dreams and a future. Each child longs to experience love. And each child deserves a family.

That is the driving force behind Hope for Home Ministries. We exist to educate people on the needs of orphans, challenge families to adopt, and inspire them to become involved in ministry to orphans. At the same time, we are actively involved in caring for children in Guatemala through our group home for children with special needs, our rural village ministry, and a maternity care program.

Please take a moment to browse our site and familiarize yourself with our ministry and pray about how you can be involved. You will never regret getting involved and making a difference!

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